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Be Your Best Total Healing - Treatment

Your Body Remembers

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings. Since we can be wounded in each of these areas, it makes sense that we need care, treatment and healing in each area. Unfortunately, treatment that comprehensively addresses both physical and non-physical pathology is not the norm in the medical community. However, through BYB Total Healing, it is possible to attend to both physical and non-physical needs. Non-physical problems, which may cause physical symptoms, are well attended through treatment that helps you to connect to your body and listen to your physical needs. Structural, physical sources of pain and problems are corrected effectively via physical therapy treatment and training. All treatment and training allow you progress at your own speed and comfort level and include practical tools, to equip you to continue your improvement and build independence.

Recognizing options, and experiencing choice and control with safe, respectful touch is vital to deep and total healing. The focus here is on resolving pain and problems in a safe, protective environment that eliminates fear and other hindrances to full healing and freedom. Patients and counselors alike have consistently reported that progress has been many months faster in this comprehensive approach. Remember - Physical pain and symptoms that have non-physical roots will not resolve unless the underlying causes of the problems are addressed.

Physical Therapy, Training and Teaching Services
  • Performance and Structural Fine-Tuning
  • Manual Therapist, Emphasizing Functional Training
  • Orthopedic and Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Familiar with/successful treating problems related to pregnancy and post-partum
  • Familiar with/successful treating Equestrian and other sport-related physical problems
  • Familiar with/successful treating problems/symptoms related to trauma and childhood abuse

No matter whether you are fairly inactive or regularly active in your daily life, and whether or not you enjoy recreational sports and activities, you will probably at some time experience pain. A great majority of our physical aches and pains are a result of the way we live our lives. Trauma is not the most common factor in pain symptoms. Many times your pain comes on after doing “nothing at all”!

Wherever your pain and symptoms, recognize that you may not have to live with symptoms that currently bother you. A little education goes a long way. “Normal” movement and positional patterns are naturally degenerative. Passively, as the years pass, pain and symptoms usually become more frequent and intense. If, on the other hand, you want to use your time and activities to improve your condition and resolve pain and symptoms, a little education and motivation can help considerably. You will learn what to look for and how to correct things early on so that you can prevent or slow natural degenerative changes.

Remember - If the problem or pain returns, the chances are good that the cause of the problem was not corrected. High quality effective physical therapy will address the cause of pain and problems. It should also seek to correct the cause of the problem(s) and will teach you what you can do to improve your condition and to keep yourself active and feeling good.

Consider effective physical therapy training and treatment for these and related problems:

  • Neck and shoulder pain & limitations w Wrist, hand or finger pain & problems
  • Low Back/Spinal pain, Muscle spasms w Foot, ankle, walking pain & problems
  • Stress, tension and trauma problems w Joint pain, swelling, limitations
  • Headaches, TMJ dysfunction w Pain on the job, i.e. repetitive motion
  • Limitations in normal function/sports w Weakness or poor conditioning
  • Knee or hip pain, difficulty on stairs, stand « sit w Dizziness, vertigo, balance problems
  • Discomforts during pregnancy/post-partum w Arm or leg pain, numbness, tingling

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Christian Healing of Heart, Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit -
Seeing God Heal through Your Heart and Hands
by Bonnie Yost, PT