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Life Coach Training

Christian Healing of Heart, Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit -
Seeing God Heal through Your Heart and Hands
by Bonnie Yost, PT

    Level 1:  Mastering the Tools – Find out more
    Introduction to System Restoration – Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit
    Level 2: Feeling the Healing – Find out more
    Restoration and Unity
    Level 3: Above All – Find out more
    Do No Harm
    Level 4: Advanced Methods -< Find out more
    System Restoration and Unity
    Level 5: Exercising What You Know - Find out more
    Application, Experience & Practice
  BYB Life Coach TRAINER Program (Levels 6 & 7)
    Level 6: Following Jesus – Find out more
    Making It Your Own
    Level 7: Working Where God Is – Find out more
    Sharing Your Gifts
  BYB Group Training
    ▶ Weekend Group Training Find out more
  • 20 hrs training
  • $300/per person
  • This the summer in Colorado
    ▶ BYB “Sea JOY with Jesus” conference cruise Find out more
    Is strongly encouraged.
  Who should take BYB Life Coach training?

  • A person who wants to be and do all that God has planned for them to be and do
  • A person who wants to help others to be and do all God has planned for them to be and do
  • A person who has a heart for hurt people and a willingness to support their healing
  • A person committed to coming before the Lord themselves FIRST, for cleansing, healing, wholeness and direction – before trying to attend to other people’s wounds and lies.
  • A person recognizing the need to daily submit to, depend on and walk in the light of the Lord, standing against the influence of the flesh, the world and the enemy – for their own protection and for the protection of those to whom they minister.
  • A person prepared, trained and mentored in lovingly supporting a hurting person through the systematic BYB Total Healing process with the practical tools, including BYB Body Awareness.
  • Providing problem-solving support and encouragement
  • Allowing time to establish daily healthy thoughts and habits
  • A person gifted and called to this work: A person recognizing the responsibility to do no harm to self or others and who would seek to help others even if they were not paid because they must live what they have learned – in the truth and joy of the Creator that they have experienced.
  • Any payment or gift to BYB Life Coaches will go directly to the individual Life Coach. Participants completing the BYB Life Coach training will function completely independent of Be Your Best Consulting, LLC, Bonnie Yost, PT, agents or associates, who will not be involved in any way with the income, performance or responsibilities of Life Coachs. Each participant will be totally responsible as an independent entity for all income and care provision and responsibilities according to law.

    BYB Life Coach certificates are presented after successfully completing each Level.

    Bonnie Yost, PT and Be Your Best Consulting, LLC reserve the right to refuse training to any person for whom the training is inappropriate or who disrupts the training program.