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Self Quiz

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How often do you feel alone, even when with other people?

Do you feel that things just won’t ever be better?
How often do you feel hopeless about yourself and your life?
How often do you think or say negative or demeaning things about yourself?
Do you feel tightness, tension or discomfort in your shoulders and neck?
How often do you have headaches?
Are you living with fear of failure or other nagging fears?
Do you have difficulty starting and/or completing projects?
Is it hard and exhausting to think clearly when you pay bills. do paperwork or have to think about details?
How often do you feel “driven”, as if you just have to keep going or do something?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
How often do you experience physical problems, especially problems that don’t seem to respond to treatment?
Do you avoid caring for yourself, such as pampering yourself, taking a walk or enjoying quiet, peaceful time?
Are you restless when you have to sit quietly? Do you fidget and wiggle hands, legs, feet when you have to be still?
How often do you have allergies or stomach/digestive problems or discomfort?
Is it difficult to care for your family and your home?
How often are you late, even when you really want to be on time?
Do you have trouble remembering appointments and promises?
How often do you feel confused, “cloudy” or “fuzzy”
Do you lack self confidence when you are with other people or when you have to do something?
Do you feel that no one cares, not even God?
Do you struggle with addictions - smoking, TV/games, sex/pornography, alcohol, etc.?
Do you have trouble controlling your anger or rage?
Is your marriage and family filled with joy, peace and encouragement?
Do you have trouble maintaining healthy relationships?
Do you find it hard to trust people?
Do you trust God in the big and small things of life?
Do you feel that you are totally responsible for the care of yourself and your family?
How often do you feel deep JOY and PEACE in your life?
Do thoughts of suicide enter your mind?
You were created an eternal being. Though the physical will die, the non-physical will live on, fully aware. If your body died today, are you CONFIDENT that you would live on with your Creator?

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