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Bonnie Yost, PT
Physical Therapy, Teaching, Life-Skills
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Bonnie Yost, PT is a registered physical therapist, author and speaker since 1978 and a Lamaze International Certified Childbirth Educator for over 30 years. With an extensive background in manual therapy, orthopedic, sport, ob-gyn evaluation and treatment, her experience also includes successfully treating the effects of childhood abuse and child or adult trauma. She has owned and operated a two-office private practice, and provided treatment, training, consulting and education to medical professionals, professional and amateur athletes and to lay and professional health care providers and groups. Bonnie emphasizes practical and functional approaches to training and treatment. She has a passion to see people trained in Godís truth and enabled to access the power and potential that God has planned for each life (Jeremiah 29:11-13; Eph. 3:14-21). She is founder of the BYB Total Healing approach to wholeness and freedom, including BYB Body Awareness Ė a consistent and proven approach to attending and healing heart, mind, spirit and body. She has written the quick start workbook, CHOOSING Freedom with experiential, effective tools which facilitate and speed lasting life style change and benefit. She has taught nationally and internationally and her presentations are dynamic and experiential.

Bonnie and her husband, Dennis, were married in 1971 and they have two wonderful children, Travis and Dana. Bonnie encourages people to recognize and reject the normal compromises that limit or destroy joy, blessing, and potential. She rejoices in seeing God replace survival existing with abundant LIVING in each Pathfinder care receiver (John 10:10). So many people, including Christians, do not recognize that they have options and that there is hope, healing, freedom and joy beyond their pain and hopelessness Ė and itís available NOW!

Her books were developed to offer individuals practical instruction, processing tools and support to step into renewed self-connection and healthy relationship with their Creator and others.

As the Personal Paths ( confirm, CHOOSING Freedom and BYB Total Healing are useful for individuals, adults and teens, couples and groups, effectively addressing all phases of healing, freedom, growth and spiritual maturity.

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings. It makes sense that we can be wounded in each of these areas, and thus need care, treatment and healing in each area. Unfortunately, the medical community does not commonly offer treatment that comprehensively addresses each area. Physical pain and symptoms that have non-physical roots will not resolve unless the underlying causes of the problems are addressed.

In addition to BYB Trail Guide training, BYB Pathfinder training, Care and Mentoring, Presentations, and Workshops are available in Colorado or at your site.

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