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Trailguide Bonnie Yost Welcomes you to Enroll.

To enroll into our BYB program, please read the information below.  To agree to the following Terms click the "I Agree" button below.

BYB Pathfinder
Terms of Service and Informed Consent Agreement

As a Be Your Best Total Healing Pathfinder care receiver or as a BYBTH Trail Guide care giver mentor, you verify that you understand and accept these terms by clicking on “I Agree”.

  • You have the right to discontinue services and training whenever you wish without penalty of any kind.
  • Your access, identification and work on this web site are private and held in confidence via your personal, private login and password.
  • As a BYB Pathfinder or BYB Total Healing Trail Guide, you will be totally responsible for lawful and appropriate use of the information, training, tools and confidentiality on the BYB website. By agreeing to this informed consent, you hold Be Your Best, LLC, Be Your Best Total Healing, Bonnie Yost, PT, all associates, staff and BYB volunteers harmless in all respects for any results of your participation in training, use, interpretation or action on this website and all related training, activities, experiences and life application. This waiver is valid whether you are actively enrolled and participating or not, without expiration from this day forward.
  • Use of names will be avoided by BYBTH Trail Guide caregivers and we request the same from each participant – Pathfinder and Trail Guide. When you communicate in verbal or written forms, please use generic identifiers, such as spouse, friend, child, parent, etc.
  • If during your training, it is determined that you (the BYB Pathfinder or Trail Guide) are dangerous to yourself or to others, you will be informed and the necessary report will be made to proper authorities.

BYB Total Healing Enrollment:

  • Enrollment for private login access to BYB Total Healing PATHFINDERS is $25.00 per year or 4 years for $75.00. Annual enrollment for BYBTH Trail Guides is $50 per year or 4 years for $150.00.
  • Payment is made by check, money order or cashier’s check: Mail to Be Your Best, PO Box 2820, Elizabeth, CO 80107-2820. Your enrollment and access to this website will occur when payment is received.
  • Payment for training, events and Be Your Best services is due prior to or at the time of services.
  • Credits may be considered for services but no refunds will be given for missed or unused enrollment or services.
  • When your enrollment expires, access to the website will be denied until enrollment is renewed and you up-date your contact information.

It is in the best interest of the care receiver and caregiver to understand options in care and what is expected from each participant. BYBTH Trail Guide training is not licensed counseling or medical training and BYBTH Trail Guides are not acting as medical or counseling professionals. BYBTH Trail Guide training augments professional skills but does not replace appropriate medical or counseling care. For emergency or professional medical or counseling services, contact an emergency room or consult with a properly licensed caregiver. Be Your Best Total Healing Trail Guides provide prayer, personal support, encouragement, appropriate questions and accountability as your Creator God heals and frees the BYB Pathfinder care receiver from recognized and unrecognized wounds, bondage and lies. When your needs are beyond the services of your BYBTH Trail Guide, please seek appropriate professional services. It is important that you inform your BYB Trail Guide of all professional and other care you are receiving.

BYB Total Healing Trail Guide SUPPORT:

  • Trained BYBTH Trail Guides are INDEPENDENT providers and work with Pathfinders via phone, website or in person, as arranged.
  • For trained BYBTH Trail Guides other than Bonnie Yost, PT, TG, payment is paid directly and only to that Trail Guide and BYBTH, agents and associates have no income from or responsibility for those transactions. Bonnie Yost, PT, TG (Founder) is the only BYBTH Trail Guide associated with and dba Be Your Best, LLC and BYB Total Healing.
  • Paid care sessions with Bonnie Yost, PT, TG can be cancelled at no loss with at least 24 hours prior notice. If an appointment is missed without 24 hours prior notice, the fee for that session is forfeit. See “BYB Pricing” on the Home Page for services and training from Bonnie Yost.
  • The BYB Trail Guide caregiver hourly fees vary according to the education, training and experience of each BYB Trail Guide.
  • Insurance will NOT be billed but you may receive billing to send into your insurance company for physical therapy services received from Bonnie Yost, PT, TG. It is helpful to have a physician’s prescription for insurance reimbursement.

You have the right to ask about your care in all areas by emailing to Bonnie Yost, PT, TG at It helps us make improvements if you complete Satisfaction Responses and evaluations for us.

If anything is unclear, please send your questions to


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By agreeing, I verify that I completely understand my rights and accept this Terms of Service and Informed Consent Agreement.